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Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking Experience with Blackstone 28in Griddle and Accessories from BBQs 2u!

by Charlee

BBQs 2u has been keeping the foodies happy with their delicious grilled foods all these days, and now the company is engaged in selling ovens of different companies so that food lovers can prepare those foods in their homes too.

Blackstone 28in griddle is one such product offered by BBQs 2u, where one can get the best outdoor cooking experience if you want to party with large group of people or families. Families can cook everything together, by using this perfect griddle.

Brief product review

The Blackstone Griddle (28″) is ideal for family gatherings and small-scale events in the UK, offering exceptional performance. Featuring a spacious 470-square-inch cooking surface and two independently controlled burners, it allows for the versatile cooking of multiple dishes at different temperatures to please everyone’s palate.

Griddle accessories available

1.      Griddle covers

Ensure your griddle stays protected from the elements with durable and weather-resistant griddle covers offered by BBQs 2u.

Designed to fit various Blackstone griddle models perfectly, these covers guarantee maximum protection, preserving your griddle’s condition for years to come.

2.      Griddle tool sets

Elevate your griddling experience with BBQs 2u’s premium toolsets. The griddle tool sets feature spatulas, tongs, scrapers, and oil or sauce bottles, offering all the essentials for seamless cooking and precise control. Craft culinary masterpieces with professional-grade tools.

3.      Griddle carrying bags

Experience the freedom of outdoor griddling with our convenient and durable carrying bags. Designed for easy transportation and secure storage, these bags enable you to take your griddle wherever your UK adventures lead. Enjoy the versatility of griddling on the move.

4.      Griddle cleaning kits

Ensure your Blackstone griddle remains in top condition with BBQs 2u’s expertly crafted cleaning kits.

These kits contain effective brushes, cleaners, and scouring pads to keep your griddle spotless and primed for your next cooking session. Maintain optimal performance and hygiene effortlessly.

Since 2008, Blackstone has embodied a commitment to excellence and culinary innovation, epitomized by their cornerstone product, the Blackstone 28″ griddle. Over the years, Blackstone has expanded their product line and expertise in the realm of griddle cooking.

Blackstone has merged with backyard grilling enthusiasts, professional chefs, and everyday home cooks to develop products that adhere to the highest standards of quality and performance.

Product details

Experience unparalleled versatility with the Blackstone 28-inch Propane Griddle with Air Fryer. From baking and searing to roasting, sautéing, and air frying, this unique griddle empowers you to prepare a wide range of meals with ease, enhancing the satisfaction of every cooking endeavor.

Its 524-square-inch surface and two independent cooking zones, totaling 34000 BTUs, accommodate large group meals. With a 2-quart air fryer drawer and warming drawer, multitask by cooking fries while preparing smash burgers on the griddle surface.

Blackstone has incorporated your favorite features into the 28-inch Propane Griddle with Air Fryer, including a protective hood, accessory storage hooks, magnets, and dual side shelves. With its versatility, you’ll be eagerly anticipating cooking delights before even unboxing it.

If you have a large family then Blackstone 28-inch Propane Griddle with Air Fryer can be ideal for your home kitchen. Buy this from BBQs 2u today!s

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