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How to Find a Reliable Painting Contractor in Buford, GA?

by Charlee
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The cost of living in Buford is approximately five to seven percent lower than the estimated national average, ranking it among Georgia’s most affordable places to live. It is home to over seventeen thousand people, with over sixty-six percent homeowners. Regardless, new and existing residents can enjoy some spectacular homes in the city.

Finding capable and experienced painters Buford GA is essential to get professional paint over the interior and exterior of your home. They can finish the job efficiently and in a remarkably short time at affordable prices, ensuring you save a good amount of finances and time.

If you hope to hire a local painting contractor for the first time, refer to the following pointers to find the best one.

License and Experience

Some Buford residents prefer to paint their own porch, deck, or fence, hoping to save money on labor and materials. However, this may not be ideal for homeowners residing in independent three or four-bedroom homes in upscale areas of Maddox Road or Crayton Glen Way. Also, painting the interior or exterior of a house is not the same as painting a portion of the patio.

So, look for a licensed contractor, as Georgia requires professionals to be qualified if they wish to take up mass-scale projects over $2,500. It can save you a lot of unforeseen trouble, preventing chipping and scaling since these specialists use top-grade paint.

Furthermore, experienced companies are a better choice as they can ensure a quick and efficient process, eliminating worries about labor or paint quality. They only hire vetted, bonded, and insured workers who leave you home without clutter or mess after the task. Once a job is done, these experts will scan and mark any missed spots and redo them post the final check.


The standard cost of painting a home in Buford and other Gwinnett county regions ranges between $3,400 and $5,900, perhaps more. The final estimate depends on the type, amount, and quality of paint, labor, size of the house, and other critical factors.

Some local contractors offer a free quote for the job once they study these details, helping you determine how much you can get done at a time. Few reputable companies also have a paint-now-pay-later program, offering their clients immense payment flexibility to enjoy a freshly painted home in no time.

Reputation and Reviews

The best painters in Buford, GA, have a solid reputation in the community and serve various other areas like Hoschton Braselton, Suwanee, and Dacula. Moreover, they offer additional services such as painting garages and kitchen cabinets, power washing, deck sealing, wallpaper removal, etc. This helps Buford residents book more than one service with the same company at a reasonable price.

You can look at the customer reviews on their website to know how reliable and excellent their services are, helping you determine if they are the right choice for you. Many have a picture gallery where you can sneak a quick peek at some of their past work. Also, good companies can schedule and complete the paint job within three weeks, saving you significant time.

Therefore, hiring a reputable company painting contractor can help you enjoy the exact results you hope to achieve.

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