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How to Revamp Quality of Existing Content

by Charlee

Only good content is a long term solution to running a successful blog.

As a blogger or digital marketer, you will meet many snake oil salesmen who will tell you a number of ways to increase blog traffic besides content. Some of them will be related to link building, others in promotional methods.

And yet, nothing can be more beneficial to your website than writing more content.


Well, Google stops sending its crawlers to websites that become static after a while. If crawlers don’t come to a website, it is bound to lose its sheen and eventually fall in search rankings as Google will start ranking another website with more updated content higher.

As said by the CEO of the Delhi Courses Academy during a company meeting, The best way to update a website and instigate a crawler to come and visit the website is publishing and updating existing content.

Publishing new content can naturally be taxing. If you belong to a small niche of which you have already covered all segments, creating new content can even be futile if no relevant problem is being addressed.

This is why updating existing content is an excellent solution. Not many digital marketing institutes discuss this essential part of content management and SEO. Despite the practice of not being immensely popular, it is certainly very helpful. Furthermore, regularly updating content also makes search engine crawlers visit the website often in order to index new versions of the existing content.

In this article, we discuss some simple tips which can be used to revamp the quality of existing content.

Revamp Content Which is Most Likely to Bring in Traffic

If you have Google Search Console, open it up, and click the performance tab on the left side panel. You’ll be able to see a graph that depicts the total clicks you’re getting and the number of impressions.

In the table below the graph, select the different search queries you’re getting traffic from and analyze what are your main sources of traffic. Check if you have seen a drop in traffic from some queries. These queries are likely to be those in which another website has gotten ahead of your ranking.

The best way to update content is to target only those blog pages on your blog which are either getting great traffic or those which used to get good traffic but decreased. This way, the bulk of your content updating work will directly impact the traffic you’re getting.

Add Images, Tables, Infographics, and More

Interactive content is the need of the hour. You can help someone understand something within a few seconds with a graphical representation than explaining them the same thing in long paragraphs. Even this content written here would be better understood by readers if we posted a video about this on YouTube or created a cool infographic.

Readers expect more these days, not just a lump of text. Those working in the digital marketing space have realized as much in the past few years. When updating existing content, make sure you add relevant tables, data representation figures, images, infographics, and embedded videos that help readers grasp the content at a deeper level.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some tips on how to revamp the quality of existing content on your website and blog.

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