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Rules to Follow at a Gentlemen’s Club

by Charlee
Gentlemen's Club

Gentlemen’s clubs, AKA “strip clubs,” have their own special rules that customers are expected to know and follow. Failure to adhere to some of these rules will get you kicked out of the nice clubs and roughed up a little in the not-so-nice ones. To keep you on the right side of things and ensure you have a good time, here are the rules to follow at a gentlemen’s club:

Dress Code

Many gentlemen’s clubs have dress codes that require a certain level of style, such as the types of shirts and shoes that can be worn. Some clubs prohibit men from wearing tank tops and do not allow men to wear open-toed shoes, such as sandals. Some clubs prohibit men from wearing certain colors of some style shirts, such as white t-shirts. Typically, if men stick to shirts with a collar, long pants and closed-toed shoes, all will be well. However, dress rules usually do not apply to female customers. One other thing to keep in mind regarding your wardrobe is the material. Dancers will notice what you are wearing, and rough fabric, the denim, can be uncomfortable for them while giving a lap dance.


If you plan to get up close and personal with dancers, be sure to be clean and fresh. Shower before you go, wear clean clothes and wear deodorant. If a dancer rubs her finger under her nose, she is telling you that you need to freshen up!

Take The Limo

Many clubs offer car services that will come and pick you up and take you home. Most often, clubs that offer these services will include the cover charge, and a free drink or two and the package will be cheaper than if you show up on your own.

About Cash

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to get cash before going to the club. The ATMs in most gentlemen’s clubs charge an exorbitant service fee because they know you will pay it for convenience. When tipping a dancer on stage, nothing screams pedestrian louder than tipping her a dollar. If you want to be sure to get her attention, go with at least a Lincoln. If you want to guarantee she will come to find you after her set, slip her a Jefferson.

The Up-Sell

Never forget that the dancers are there to work and not hook up. While she most certainly wants to get into your pants, your wallet is always her target. The dancers in the more upscale clubs are also professional salesmen and some of the best in the business at getting their customers to spend more money. Dancers will try to rope you into buying an inexpensive dance, but once in the “VIP room,” she will try to get you to buy more dances and over-priced drinks. Also, never buy her a drink, as this is just giving your money to the club. So instead, please give her a nice tip. She will tell the other girls, and they will all come to seek you out.

Respect the Dancers

Always remember the dancers are professionals, and you will have a lot more fun if you treat them with respect. You will find the dancers in higher-dollar markets, like Vegas, are the most attractive and professional and Las Vegas strippers are some of the most beautiful and classiest women in the business.

Never touch the dancers unless she tells you it’s okay, and some clubs have strict “no-touching policies. In fact, in some jurisdictions, it is illegal for customers to touch the dancers. Instead, always use respectful language and keep your hands away from your zipper. If you don’t want to buy a lap dance from her, turn her down politely and respectfully.

A gentleman’s club can be an exciting place to spend the evening, so long as you know and follow the rules. Just remember, the number one rule in a strip club is always to remember the dancers are there to work and not meet men. A good rule is to call the club(s) to find out the prices, the dress code, and their car service. Just remember to set your spending limits before you go and be disciplined enough and stick to your budget.

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