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Three Quick Winter Home Maintenance Tips

by Charlee

As a newbie homeowner, you should know how to protect your home this winter. Homeownership is all about handling your responsibilities, which include home maintenance. Here are several steps that will help you with effective winter home maintenance.

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Drain Water Sources

Firstly, you will want to ensure that all water sources are switched off and drained properly. Suppose you have disconnected the water sources from your house. In that case, you cannot rely solely on this because when the temperature dips below the freezing point, it will even cause the tiniest bit of moisture to freeze and eventually expand.

Now, imagine how this aspect would look for the water pipes. In the winter season, water pipes can be at a serious risk of bursting and causing damage to the foundation. To prevent damage to the foundation of our house, you will want to drain all water sources, including the pool, the sprinkler system, the hose, etc.

If you forget to drain the water resources, it can cause serious damage, in which case, you will have to opt for structural foundation repair fort worth tx to fix the damage and minimize any further risks to the foundation of your house.

Inspect the Walls

Apart from the water resources, you will also want to inspect the walls for any signs of damage. You will want to inspect the exterior walls and the interior walls. Once the harsh weather starts in full swing, you will soon find the snow getting accumulated on the ground, which can cause moisture and mold on the walls.

If you detect mold and any other damage to the walls, you will want to address it swiftly to prevent costly repair. In case of mold, you might want to opt for mold remediation ocala fl to prevent moisture inside your house. Mold can cause serious health issues, including watery eyes and respiratory troubles, which is why you will want to inspect and repair as soon as you detect damage to the walls.

Inspect the Roof

You will want to inspect the roof of your house twice a year – once before the spring season and once before the winter season. You will want to look out for cracked tiles and missing shingles and get them repaired before the damage expands to adjacent shingles or tiles.

It might be a great idea to get a roof inspector to climb up the roof of your house to evaluate the roof and let you know whether you need to opt for roof repair or roof replacement. You are more likely to opt for roof replacement if the roof has started to sag.

Nonetheless, the roof of your house is part of its foundation; if the roof is damaged, you might have to spend loads of money to protect the interior space of your house. Speaking of the roof, you will want to keep the gutters clean of debris and leaves because the gutters are responsible for directing the water away from the roof.

If you don’t clean the gutters, it can cause ice to fall on the roof and damage the foundation of your house.

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