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Want To Gift Something Unique To Your Friend? Go With These Indoor Plants

by Charlee

A plant is a superb addition to our home decor and also to our personal life with its psychological and physical advantages. Indoor plants are unique gift ideas to choose from for your friend if you are confused about finding the best thoughtful gift at the last moment. Besides, indoor plants can be gifted at various occasions such as housewarmings, birthdays, celebrations, achievements, etc.

A flower will get dry, but an Indoor plant will last long until you take care of it. If you are gifting an indoor plant to your close friends, it will remind them of the generous friendship you two have. Giving a plant means wishing good luck to the person. Apart from this, an Indoor plant gives you a purified atmosphere to breathe. So, let’s have a glimpse of plant gifting options you can choose from for your close buddies, whether it’s male or female.

1] Spider Plant

This plant is an amazing air purifier approved by NASA that helps you in breathing clean air inside your house. Spider plant has narrow-shaped, long leaves which grow from the center of the plant and spread to the sides of the pot. This gives the plant a spiral look which attracts your eye toward it.

2] Snake Plant

This plant is an impressive option that makes a terrarium. You can easily buy terrarium online for your friend to elevate the elegance of their home or workplace. The snake plant grows well even in small pots, and its long tapered leaves are just beautiful to have as a decorative piece on the table. Snake plant does not even require a lot of sunlight which makes them easy to care for. Its irregular shape grabs attention and can add a unique style to the receiver’s interior.

3] Jade Plant

This plant is the easiest to care for and doesn’t require frequent watering. The Jade plant is popular for its little poppy coin-shaped leaves. The Jade plant is also used for making bonsai, as you can cut its stems to grow more of them. When this plant matures, it makes a beautiful bunch that looks amazing.

4] Fluffy Ruffle Fern

It is yet another gifting plant that is easy to grow, and it changes its color according to the brightness of the light. This plant takes time to grow, and it matures in a fan-like structure which makes it attractive. Generally, in India, people call the Fluffy Ruffle plant with the name Fern Morpankhi as it resembles a peacock’s tail.

5] Peace lily Plant

The plant is known for its beautiful white flowers and long glossy leaves, which are superb air purifiers. It is easy to care for this plant, and it doesn’t require much sunlight. The peace lily plant is excellent in absorbing mold spores, helps in sleeping, and prevents fungus inside your home.

6] Money Plant

Another gift plant idea in this list is the Money plant, which is very popular among people in most of the country. The plant is considered to bring long-lasting friendships because of its heart-shaped leaves. People believe that it attracts wealth and a positive vibe in your home.

7] Aloe Vera

Aloe veras are the best indoor plants to gift that are easy to maintain and don’t have leaves like other plants, which will fall on the ground. The plant has many medicinal characteristics; for instance, the gel of aloe vera can be applied on skin burns and irritations. Gifting this plant to your friend will let them utilize the medicinal properties of aloe vera at home.


A plant brings good luck to your house and gives a touch of greenery to your living space. The above-mentioned plants were some of the best succulent plants, and going with these indoor gifts for your friend will be very generous. Along with it, you can even add a sweet message with the pot. For instance, “I wish our friendship remains evergreen like this plant,” and similar text can be written with best wishes to your friend.

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