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Seven Marketing Tips for Home Contractors

by Charlee

Contractors understand that a solid foundation is crucial to the success of a home renovation project. Marketing is also the foundation of your company’s health and growth. Your local marketing efforts should be the core of your strategy if you want to grow your clientele and scale your company. While it’s nice to grow your business solely through word-of-mouth marketing, the best marketing strategies for contractors rely on other tactics to help catalyse growth.

When you review this list, note where you are succeeding and areas where you can grow. This will allow you to allocate your limited resources more effectively.

  1. Know Your Customer

It’s essential to know your unique value proposition for potential clients before you launch a marketing campaign.

Consider finding a niche if you are in a highly competitive industry. This can range from specialising in outdoor spaces with electrical capabilities to kitchen renovations in small homes. You can create a niche for yourself in an untapped market. You’ll also stand out from competitors focused on the same services.

Marketing for an electrical contractor might differ from marketing for a building company. To reach the right audience, you should tailor your outreach by explaining why they should hire you. To do this, you should consider these questions:

What is your target market?

What are you doing to help them?

What makes you different from your competitors in your field?

What is your speciality?

What is your main selling point?

  1. Create a Contractor Website

Establishing an online existence is one of your most potent lead-generation tools. If you own a website today, your clients will be able to find you, and they may be less likely to trust you. A professional website shows who you are and what your business does. It also allows you to make a short sales pitch on the value of your contractor’s services.

Your website is your brand’s face and the best way to advertise for contractors. Invest the time and resources necessary to build a mobile-friendly, well-designed website that accurately represents you and your business.

Some core elements should be addressed, even though each website will be unique.

Contact information

Before and after photos of home renovations are especially good for photos and videos.

Book online or consult with us

Customer testimonials

A blog page

Instant messaging features

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  1. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google’s Search Engine is used by almost all businesses to find information. It is, therefore, essential to optimise your website using local search engine optimisation techniques. You will then be ranked higher in search engine result pages (SERPs), giving you a greater chance to generate leads. A marketing agency or expert can guide you and help ensure your optimisations reach potential customers.

  1. Start Local

It’s not your mission to reach as many people as possible but to get the right ones. If you want to market your contractor business, but the customer is thousands of miles away.

If you are just starting, it is best to concentrate your marketing efforts on your local community. You can gradually increase your marketing budget and reach as your business grows.

  1. Post on Social Media

Social media channels are powerful tools for marketing in the digital age.




You can find us on LinkedIn.

Instagram is a powerful tool for contractors because it is visual. Use it to establish your authority, build an audience, showcase your vision, and demonstrate previous work. Post regularly, interact with your audience and keep your content varied and fresh. Social media posts that you could make include:

Before and after pictures of your project

Interior design shoots

How-to videos

Include your social media handles in all marketing materials such as business cards, brochures and email signatures.

  1. Create a YouTube page

YouTube is a social media platform, but it’s worth discussing separately. Most people prefer to watch videos than read blog posts, especially when it comes to contracting work. According to Syndicast, “52% of marketing professionals around the world name video as a type of content with the best ROI.” Marketers can find out how many views were made, what content was viewed in which order and where they are located.

You can reach your audience on YouTube and establish authority. You should create the following:

Home DIY projects


Product Reviews

Trends in industry and design

  1. Use Traditional Local Advertising Techniques

It may also be worth investing in traditional advertising methods. They include:

You can watch TV on YouTube




Before you spend your budget on these channels, it is essential to consider the demographics of your target audience and determine if they will deliver a solid ROI.

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